Popular Machines That Are Used By Farmers

With the increase in population of the country, the demand for food and organic products also surges. The owners of the farm land and farmers have to work hard in order to produce more products, so as to meet the requirements of the ascending population. Everybody is aware of the technological advancements that have occurred in the recent times and how it has changed the way we live. The technology has left its impact on the agriculture sector as well. There are so many farms and agricultural machines that are brought into use by the farmers today. These machines are expensive, but the money is worth when people see the amount of work they can handle along with great precision. The product output can be significantly increased by using these machines. I have outlined some of the agricultural machines that are popular in the agricultural sector.


TractorFarm Machine 2


A tractor is one of the most commonly used vehicles on the farm. A tractor is used to pull heavy objects and for supplying products needed in the production. A tractor has four wheels, out of which the front pair is smaller than the rear ones. The rear ones are like 5 times larger than the front pair. The tractors have become a lot more modernized today and they are now equipped with more comfortable seats, body and temperature control and durable wheels.


It is vital to cultivate the soil before planting. Stirring and pulverizing the soil are the two best methods to cultivate and aerate the soil. A cultivator is used for this purpose and it has two big wheels at the back and comparatively smaller wheels in the front. A cultivator also has shanks or teeth that will cultivate the soil after the machine is turned on.

Broadcast seeder

A broadcast seeder is a machine that is attached to the tractor, so that the seeds are distributed all over the land in an appropriate way. The seeds are present in a large hopper, which has got multiple blades inside. You will also find the rotating disks, which will spread the seeds in different patterns.


When the crop is fully grown, then it is imperative to harvest it on time to avoid it from getting damaged. So, a harvester is used for this purpose. A harvester can harvest all kinds of grains, chop the plants and remove the finished product as well. You can also clean the debris with the harvester.


The biggest concern while growing the crops is pest infestation. Harmful pests can ruin the entire crop and eliminate any chances of making money for the farmers. Therefore, to avoid such a dreadful scenario, sprayers are used to kill the pests, so that the crops can be saved from any damages. This equipment is also useful in the bigger land area. Many people are also using the self-propelled row crop sprayer that has four wheels. This sprayer is found at the back of this equipment. Make sure that you use organic pesticides to spray on the crops