Various Services Available from Carmichael Dentists

Carmichael dentists provide a wide range of services to patients. Whether you need simple routine care or an extensive dental treatment, the dentists are ready to provide the treatment you need. The routine care includes thorough examination of teeth and gums. You may not be aware of your dental problem but a careful examination by the dentist will reveal the disease or decay. Professional teeth cleaning from a dentist helps avoid many dental problems. Such a cleaning is recommended at least twice a year. Many types of dental problems can be identified only after x-ray examination. The dentist will recommend x-ray if you are experiencing any tooth ache or other dental problem. Children should undergo routine dental care examination every few months. They may underestimate a dental problem that can cause lots of trouble in the future.

An effective dental care examination by Carmichael dentists helps find health problems related to teeth, gums or mouth. These problems should be diagnosed and treated as early as possible. Leaving the problem can result in further decay in the tooth. It becomes difficult to treat chronic dental diseases. An early treatment not only solves the problem. It also helps avoid a disease spreading from one tooth to other teeth.

Damaged, decayed or worn tooth may require fillings. Different types of restorative options are available for such problems from dentists in Carmichael. Materials like metal, porcelain, alloy and plastic are used. The selection of material for a dental problem depends on the specific tooth problem and budget. Teeth are highly vulnerable to tooth decay. It is important to remove plaque and acid buildup with professional teeth cleaning. Dentists apply some types of sealants that act as a barrier against plaque, bacteria and acid buildup.

A diseased tooth must be removed or it starts affecting adjacent teeth. The dentist may recommend removal of diseased tooth if the x-ray reveals there is no other option to save it. In cases where the tooth can be saved, dental treatments like root canals are used. This treatment helps solve the problem if the disease or injury has reached to the soft core of the tooth. Carmichael dentists also offer different types of cosmetic dental treatments.