Is Bio Fertilizer Helpful to Increase Agricultural Production?

Indian agriculture has been facing tough challenges in increasing the amounts in order to increase outputs. The yield which is being produced now is expected to be double of it for population pressure is increasing and to increase the economy level with greater agricultural production. This has led the farmers to use chemical fertilizers that resulted to pollution of water bodies besides destroying soil fertility.

Researchers and environmentalist have come up with innovative and natural ideas like utility of organic inputs in Indian agriculture as against usage of chemicals. It is through organic farming that plantation and cropping can be raised with use of-

Bio fertilizers
Bio pesticide

Usage of such helps in providing optimum nutrients to crop plants and allows pests and pathogens to not multiply abnormally. The utility of fertilizers is necessary for cropping and plantation because with each batch of plantation, nutrient levels of soil depletes. It therefore needs to get supplemented with fertilizers that help in greater yields. Addition of fertilizers help crop yield not just double but tripled. It is the fertilizers which ensure most effective use of both land and water and not leaving them to get degraded.

What is Bio Fertilizers and how is it important?

When one is aiming at enriching the nutrient of soil by increasing the availability of crop nutrients, role of bio-fertilizers precipitates. Basically these kind of natural fertilizers are micro-organisms such as bacteria, Mycorrhizal fungi, cyan bacteria and others. Some of these organisms have the ability of nitrogen fixation that converts molecular or dinitrogen into nitrogen compounds. Plants need phosphorous and due to this the insoluble soil phosphorus is converted into the soluble form with the support of micro-organisms.

Utility of Bio fertilizer is required as they help in increasing the yields of plants by 15-35%, they are effective even under semi-arid conditions, helps farmers easily prepare inoculums, helps in improving the soil texture, does not allow pathogens to flourish, helps in producing vitamins and growth promotion of bio chemicals, they are non-polluting, helps in recycling plant nutrients and they can be purchased at low cost. Recycling this form of energy sources further gives the scope to maintain the physical properties of the soil.

How usage of Synthetic fertilizers deteriorated soil fertility?

With demand for greater output increasing manifold in agriculture, it had instigated farmers to adopt means of synthetic fertilizers in agriculture. Our farmers hardly knew the importance of utility of organic fertilizer over artificial fertilizers at that point of time. They practiced application of harmful synthetic fertilizers on crops resulted to death of soil. Now in order to replenish the lost fertility, various stringent are adopted which can show positive results on the soil after many years of application.

Along with the soil, the microbial fauna in the fields were heavily destroyed with application of synthetic fertilizers. This has led to holistic damage of environment which needs to be fulfilled adopting methods that included natural and no damaging effect. Indian agriculture requires to grow but not at the cost of environment but implementation of proper nutrient management.